Jack v. Barnabas Harris
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This indenture, made this eleventh day of of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five between EusebiusEusebius Hubert, of the district of S LouisS Louis,
in the district, of LouisianaLouisiana, of the one part and eliza-
beth Bond of the same place, of the other part witness saith,
that the said on his part for and in consideration, of the good will, love and affection, which
he bears towards the said ElizabethElizabeth Bond, and more especially,
for and and in consideration, of the promised and
engagement of marriage between him the said EusebiusEusebius Hubert, and her the said Elisabeth Bond, (which said
marriage is hereby consemated, by and between the parties,
and it is hereby, agreed, by and between the parties that the
said marriage shall, be celebrated, and solemized, so soon
after the execution, of these presents as may be) he, the
said EusebiusEusebius Hubert, on his part as an evidence invariate affection towards the said Elisabeth Bond, and in
and dower which might by passibility here, after
he demandable, and as a token and, pledge of his attache-
ment and desire, of procuring, for the said Elisabeth Bond,
his future spouse, good and sufficient support, and
maintenance, for her and her heirs, Doth give and grant,
in consideration aforesaid, to the said Elisabeth Bond, his
future, spouse eleven, likely negroes, and their in needs to wit, one negro woman, called LucyLucy one other called MillyMilly ,
and ditto called HannahHannah , one ditto called CharlotteCharlotte , one ditto,
called JudyJudy one negro boy, called Barry, one ditto,
called Arch, one ditto, called Matt one ditto, called Tye, one
ditto called JackJack together with four horses a waggon and guns, three feather, beds and furniture, seven, head of cattle,
and all and singular, his farming utensils to, have and to hold
during, the and to her heirs and assigns forever, to
the duly, proper use benefit, and behoof of her the said