Jack v. Barnabas Harris
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JackJack , ( a free black man,)
Hyall admn of HarrisHarris ,

Additonal reasons for new trial,

That, the court rejected, the evidence that was offered, by the plff, that E Hubbard,
had during, his life often declated that it was, his intention, at his death, to
set, the said plff free, and that he,
had promised, to the said plff, to do so,

2 that the court misdirected, the jury,
in this that they were, to consider the plff as having, no other right,
to his freedom, that such as E Hubbard,
if now alive, would have to the said
plff, if he was now claiming JackJack , the Plff against, the Present defendants,

A Gay, atto Pro Plff