Jack v. Barnabas Harris
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This made and concluded, this Eleventh day of October One thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven by and between EusebiusEusebius Hubbard ,
HubbardEusebius Hubbard George HubbardGeorge Hubbard ,ThomasThomas Bellew and John Proctor, of
the one part, and Elizabeth HubbardElizabeth Hubbard James WhitesideJames Whiteside Davis WhitesideDavis Whiteside ,
of the other part witness that whereas, in and by a certain marriage contract entered, into by and between Eusebius HubbardEusebius Hubbard and ElizabethElizabeth Hubbard ,HubbardElizabeth Hubbard baring date June 11th 1805 Certain Negroes,
to me LucyLucy MillyMilly Hannah Charlotte Jude Baren Arch Matt Tye JackJack , and their increase and certain, other property therein specified,
was settled, and endowed, upon her the said ElizabethElizabeth , and certain,
other property belonging to said ElizabethElizabeth , was brought, into the
said marriage, contract to the said EusebiusEusebius Hubbard ,HubbardEusebius Hubbard during, his
personal, life and with to the heirs, of ElizabethElizabeth , as by
said marriage contract, will appear, and whereas, the sdEusebiusEusebius George Thomas ,
George ThomasEusebius George Thomas , and John, have set up pretensions, and claims, to
said property, so settled upon, the said ElizabethElizabeth , and for the establish
ment, of her abbr>sd claim, she has petitioned, the general of the
territory, of LouisianaLouisiana, setting as of and
whereas an amiable adjustment hath, taken place between,
the parties, and the said dispersed are, likely to terminate, in a
peaceable, way to the satisfaction, of all concerned. Now
therefore be it known,, that for the causes, and considerations,
of the said and of one doollar paid in, hand by the petitioner, of the
second part, to the party, of the first part, that the said party,
of the first part, that is to, say the sd Eusebius Geroge Thomas, and
John for, themselves their heirs Executors, do do hereby grant Bargain Release, and give claim, to sdDavis WhitesideDavis Whiteside , and
James WhitesideJames Whiteside , in trust, for the sale and support use, and
benefit, and of the said Elizabeth HubbardElizabeth Hubbard , all the right
bill interest, and claim which the Saintly, and seperated have in and to the plantaion and stock thereon are thereabouts,
now occupied by the sdElizabethElizabeth , and EusebiusEusebius , and also to five
negroes named Hannah Charlotte Tye, and MalindaMalinda ,
to have and to hold the same property to them and there
Constituents, in trust, as aforesaid forever, and the sdDavisDavis , and JamesJames , for the causes, and considerations afore, and also