Jack v. Barnabas Harris
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ofthe Sum of one dollar to them in said do, hereby
grant Bargain release, and give claim to the said GeorgeGeorge Thomas ,
ThomasGeorge Thomas and John and to their heirs, and assigns, forever
all the right title interest, and property the jointly, and
separately, have a in and to five Negroes named MillyMilly Harvy,JackJack Matt Baron, and to Said EusebiusEusebius as,
long he Shall reside in, the district of St. LouisSt Louis and after his
death, with to the sdGeorge ThomasGeorge Thomas , and
their heirs, and assigns, to two negroes named Arch & Jack,
the sd suit, in the General Court is, to be dismissed on the
Cost of David Whiteside, and JamesJames Whiteside WhitesideJames Whiteside , and the sdGeorgeGeorge Thomas ,ThomasGeorge Thomas and John for themselves their heirs executors,
and assigns, do hereby covenant, to and with the sd,DavisDavis
and JamesJames Sons of the said ElizabethElizabeth acting, on the behalf
of the sdElizabethElizabeth , that they the sdGeorgeGeorge Thomas ,ThomasGeorge Thomas and
John, shall and keep the sdElizabethElizabeth ,DavisDavis and
JamesJames harmless from all debts, of the said EusebiusEusebius Hubbard's contracting, before the marriage contract, was
entered, into by and betwen EusebiusEusebius , and ElizabethElizabeth , and from,
all costs prior, to the said marriage contract defending the,
Same so that the property, of ElizabethElizabeth ,DavisDavis and JamesJames or
either, of them their heirs Executors, shall not be after
answerable for any of sd debts nor their, bodies molested ther,
for and the said George ThomasGeorge Thomas and John not to be accountable,
for any of the said debts contracted, since the marriage, the
business being fully understood between parteis, - For the
of all and singular, the covenants, and
agreements herein, contained the parties, aforesaid hereby
bind themselves jointly, and severally their heirs executors &, to the others in the penal sum, of three
thousand dollars in, witness whereof, the parties afore,
said have hereunto set our hands, and affix our, seals
th day and year first, above written,