Louis Beaudain v. Francis DeRouin
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Defendent by the said dud or writing obliga
tory promised to pay to the said plaintiff
for his said services, as such trader, four hun-
dred dollars, to be paid upon the expiration
of the said term of service: and the said Plain-
tiff saith that immediately after the exe-
cution of the said And or writing obligatory, he
entered into the service & employment of the
Defendent as a trader, to wit at St LouisSt Louis aforsaid
and that he proceeded up the river MissouriMissouri
its according to the of
the said Defendant and traded with the Indians for the said Defendant, in all things following
his istructions and continued
in his employment as such trader untill
the month of june then next, to wit the
month of june one thousand eight hun-dred seventeen; and untill the full end
of term of the said service had expired-
and that he did in all things perform & ful-
fill the undertaking on his part to be performed
& fulfilled, according to the true intent of meaning
of the said agreement as contained in the said
dud or writing obligatory. Yet the said Plaintiff saith that the said Defendent although
often requested hath not as yet paid the said sum
of four hundred dollars to the said plaintiff or any
part thereof: But hitherto hath wholly refused