Louis Beaudain v. Francis DeRouin
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of the said Defendant and for his benefit
and at his of request. And
to the paid to the said plaintiff by the said
Defendant when he should be thereunto
aterwards requested whereby by reason
of the said last mentioned sum of money
being & remaining wholly unpaid an
action hath occurred to the said plaintiff
to demand have of from the said
Defendant the said last four hundred dol-
lars parcel of the said sum above demanded

And whereas also afterwards to wit on
the same day of year last aforesaid at
the place and within the jurisdiction aforesaid
the said plaintiff at the like special instance
of request of the said Defendant
had before that time done & performed
certain> work & labor for the said defendant
and had been in his service & employment
as a trader among the indians and had
served him for a long time as such trader
to wit the term of one year, he the said
defendant undertook & then & there saith-
fully promised the said plaintiff to pay him there
for, so much money as he therfore reasonably
deserved to have when he should be thereunto afterwards requested. And the
said plaintiff that he for reasonably