Jenny vs. Robert Musick
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Superior CourtSuperior Court Northern Circuit.
March Term 1819.

County of St LouisCounty of St Louis. to writ JinnyJinny a
free girl held in slavery and who is
permitted by the court to sue as a
poor person by J BartonJ Barton and HenryHenry SS Geyer .
GeyerS Geyer her attornies assigned as counsel
by the said court complains of RobertRobert Musick
MusickRobert Musick of a plea of Trespass. For that
the said Robert MusickRobert Musick heretofore to writ
on the first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and fifteen, with force and arms
at the county aforesaid unlawfully
an assault did make in and upon
the said JinnyJinny ; and then and there
beat bruised and ill treated her
then said JinnyJinny . and then and there
imprisoned her the said JennyJenny and
kept and detained her in prison
without any reasonable or probab
le caused whatsoever: and has
even since kept and still
doth keep and detain her

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prison against the will of the said
JinnyJinny and and contrary to the Laws of this
Territory. and other wrongs to the
said JinnyJinny then and there did aga
inst the peace of the United StatesUnited States
of AmericaAmerica. and to the damage
of the said JinnyJinny five hundred
dollars and therefore she

Barton & Geyer atts.