Jenny vs. Robert Musick
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Superior CourtSuperior Court
Northen Circuit

RobertRobert Musick MusickRobert Musick
JinnyJinny .

And the said defendant by RR Pettibone PettiboneR Pettibone
his attorney comes of defends the force
and injury when and as to the assaulting,
beating, bruising, ill treating & imprisoning and
detaining in prison of the said plaintiff, as in
her said declaration mentioned- the said
Defendant says that the said plaintiff ought
not to have of maintain her aforesaid action
thereof against him, because he says that before,
and at the said time when in the said
declaration mentioned, to writ at the place and
within the jurisdiction aforesaid, the said plaintiff
was and still is the slave of him the said defen
dant, wherefore in his own right the said
Defendant at the said time when did
beat, imprison and detain in prison the said
plaintiff so being the slave of him the said
Defendant as he lawfully might do; which
are the said severalsupposedtrespasses
whiney the said Plaintiff hath above
thereof complained against him- And
this he is ready to verify - Wherefore
he prays judgement

R. Pettibone atty for