Jenny vs. Robert Musick
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Superior CourtSuperior Court

RobertRobert Musick MusickRobert Musick

St Louis County Ss

RobertRobert Musick MusickRobert Musick the
above named defendant being duly
sworn says that this suit depends upon
the same principles and facts as the suit
of PhebePhebe Prewett adsWinnyWinny - and that
the Testimony of the witness mentioned
in the affidavit of the said PhebePhebe here
unto , is material for this deponent
on the trial of this cause
and that he cannot safely proceed to
trial without him. This deponent knows
of no other witness by whom he can
prove the same facts which he expects
to be able to prove by the said witness
and he has reasonable grounds to believe

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that he can procure the attendance of
the said witness at the next term of this
Court - This deponent has taken no
steps to procure the attendance of the
said witness at this term- because
he did not know of the said witness
untill, it was too late to procure his
evidence for this term. This application
is not made for delay but that sub
stantial justice may be done

sworn to andsubscribed this
24th day of April 1820 Before me

Robert MusickRobert Musick