Milly, a black woman, for herself and her two infant children, Eliza and Bob v. Mathias Rose
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said Mathias RoseRose with the said MillyMilly
as herein after mentioned it is enacted that
it shall and many be lawful for any person
being the owner or possessor of any negroes or
mulattos of and above the age of fifteen
years and owing service and labor as slaves in any of the united states or TerritoriesTerritories of
the United StatesUnited States or for any citizen of the
said states or TerritoriesTerritories purchasing the same
to bring the said negroes or mulattoes into that
territory and that the the owner or possessor
of any negroes or mulattoes as aforesaid and
bringing the same into that territory should
within thirty days after such removal go with
the same before the clerk of the Court of
Common pleas of the proper county and in
the presence of the said clerk the said
owner or possessor should determine and agree
to and with his or her negro or mulatto upon
the term of years which the said negro or
mulatto would and should serve his
or her said owner or possessor. and the said
clerk was thereby authorized and required
to make a record thereof in a book which
he should keep for that purpose, and the said
MathaisRoseRose further saith that before and