Milly, a black woman, for herself and her two infant children, Eliza and Bob v. Mathias Rose
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sufficient provisions clothing washing and
lodging according to her degree and station
and that from and after the expiration of
the said term the said MillyMilly should be
free to all intents and purposes to wit at the
court, of St LouisSt Louisaforsaid. By virtue whereof the
said Mathias RoseRose afterwards to wit on the day
and year last aforesaid took the said MillyMilly
into his custody and service as his servant for the
the term aforesaid and hath ever since kept and detained and still doth keep and de-
tain the said MillyMilly in his custody and
service as such servant as it was lawful
for him to do for the cause aforesaid using
no more force and violence than was abso-
lutely necessary to ensure the obedience and
service of his said servant to wit at the coun-
ty of SLouis aforesaid. Which is the same ass-
aulting, imprisoning and detaining in person
of the said MillyMilly by her above complained
of and no other and this he the said Mathias RoseRose is ready to verify. Wherefore he
he prays judgment

J BartonJ Barton atty