Winny, a woman of color v. Samuel Donner
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WinnyWinny a women of color
SamuelSamuel Donner

St Louis County -
In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
April Term 1821.

Be it remembered that on the trial of this
cause the plaintiff offered in evidence a certain
indenture executed by and between Jennings
Beckwith and SamuelSamuel Donner of the
following to wit: " MissouriMissouri Territory St. LouisSt Louis county
This indenture that Jennings Beckwith of the county
and territory aforesaid now owns and is possessed of a mulatto
woman named WinnyWinny , a slave of the said Jennings. The said Jennings
doth hereby emancipate and set free the said WinnyWinny , and hereby
discharges her from all manner of obligation of servitude or
slavery from him, to take effect only on the following
conditions and at the expiration of the following time, that
is to say. That whereas SamuelSamuel Donner of said county has
paid to me in hand for the said WinnyWinny the sum of three hun
dred dollars. Now when the said WinnyWinny shall pay to
him the said SamuelSamuel Donner the sum of three hundred
and fifty Dollars, then she is to be free and emancipated as aforesaid;
until which time she is to be the property of the said SamuelSamuel ,
and serve him as a slave; only that the said SamuelSamuel Don
ner shall not sell said WinnyWinny as a slave under pain
of her being free the moment she is sold as a slave
But the said Donner may sell her time until
she pays the aforesaid sum of money to writ, three
hundred and fifty dollars or what way be the
balance at the time she is thus sold, and no more.
testimony whereof we have

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âhereunto set my hands free at Saint LouisSt Louis

This 21st day of October one thousand âeight hundred and seventeen in of us

M Mc. Girk
Jennings Berharth
SamuelSamuel Donner

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