William Carshaw v. Isaac White
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We, the undersigned, Isaac WhiteIsaac White and John L SuttonJohn L Sutton
acknowledge ourselves to be indebted to WilliamWilliam CorshowCorshow
in the sum of one hundred and ten dollars, to be levied of
our respective goods and chattels, lands and linements, upon condition, nevertheless, that, whereas the said Isaac WhiteIsaac White
hath appeared from the Judgment of Jos. C BrownBrown a
justice of the peace, in a certain action wherein the said
Isaac WhiteIsaac White is defendant and WilliamWilliam CorshowCorshow is plaintiff
now, if the said Isaac WhiteIsaac White the appellant, shall prosecute
his said appeal with effect, pay and satisfy the condemnation money and all costs, on otherwise abide the judgment
of the circuit court in said appeal, then this recognizance
to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Taken and certified 26th Jany 1829.

Jos. C. BrownBrown Justice of the peace

IsaacIsaac White WhiteIsaac White