William Carshaw v. Isaac White
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County & township of St LouisSt Louis
State of MissouriMissouri

Be it remembered that heretofore
to wit on the 8th day of January 1829WilliamWilliam CorshowCorshow
by his agent Wm. Darby filed with the subscribing justice
of the County & township aforesaid an instrument
in writing executed by Isaac W WhiteIsaac W White on the 18th September 1820 for fifty dollars to be paid fifty days
after the date thereof. which instrument of writing
is herewith sent up, whereupon a writ of summons was issued against the said IsaacIsaac , which
said writ is also herewith sent up: and afterwards
to wit on the return day of the said writ a trial
of the cause was had before the said justice and
then witness made thereof in his do that are as follows-

WilliamWilliam CorshowCorshow
Isaac WhiteIsaac White

Now at this 17th day of January 1829 the return day of
this writ in this case comes the plaintiff by his agent Mr.DarbyDarby & the
defendant by his agent Mr. and the action being founded on a
note or instrument in writing the execution of which is not denied, Therefore
it is considered that the said WilliamWilliam CorshowCorshow recover against the
said Isaac WhiteIsaac White the sum of fifty dollars for his debt & four dollars & fifty six cents for his damages being the interest thereon to this
date, and also his costs by him about his suit in this behalf as provided
and that he have therof accusation-

After the rendition of the judgment in this case & on the same
day the defendant by his agent asks our appeal from the decision of
the justice to the circuit court which is granted-

The appellant files his recognizance26th Jany 1829

I certify the above to be a true copy from the entry of the
case proceedings in this case from my district -

March 23r. 1829

Js.C BrownBrown

Justice of the peace

Dismissed from the docket for want of notice and bond not
filed when appeal was prayed to page 271 No 5

Archd GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk

Sums 18 3/4
Judg - 37 1/2
Recogni 25
81 1/4
fees -
Sums - 25
0 1.06 1/4
Costs. of this
$1.36 2/4