United States v. John H. Robb
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis


US of AmericaAmerica

We the undersigned acknowledge
and each of us seperataly and apart form each
other in our proper persons to stand indebted to
the United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica in the Sum of one
hundred dollars to believed of each
of our goods and chattels lands and tenements
respectively upon the following conditions

The conditions of this recognizances is such
that if each of the undersigned so personally appear
at the next circuit court to be holden within
and for the county of Saint LouisSt Louis on the first
Monday of the present month, then & there
so give such evidence as he knoweth on
behalf of the United StatesUnited States against a certain
George HGeorge H RobbRobb and certain charge of having
received stolen goods knowing them to have been
Stolen wherewith the said George HGeorge H RobbRobb is
charged and that neither he nor either of them
do depart with out the leave of said court
then these recognizance to be paid else to
remain in full force-

Signed and acknowledged
before me a Justice of the
peace this 4th day of Augt1820

JohnJohn R Guy .R. GuyJohn R Guy . J.P

. JoshuaJoshua Pilcher PilcherJoshua Pilcher
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ThosThomas Hempstead HempsteadThomas Hempstead

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M. Emmanuel

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Joseph PerkinsJoseph Perkins

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H Richard

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JohnJohn Simonds Jr SimondsJohn Simonds Jr jr

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