United States v. John H. Robb
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Geo. H. RobbRobb
United StatesUnited States

Reasons for a new trail

1st Because the verdit is without
and contrary to evidanced and against law.

2. The whole jury did not agree to the

3. The evidence given showed that
the name of the MissouriMissouri fur company
were known not unknown; & on that
the prisoner was entilled to an acquittal

4. The jury was misdirected in this court
they were instructed that the alleged owners of the
property were sufficiently described as âThe
MissouriMissouri fur company," altho their "particular
namesâ were known & proved on the trail.

5. They were also missidirected in this they were
charged that âthe finding of stolen property
in Defendants possession in the absence of other
circumstanses, rendered it the duty of the
jury to convict on it of the charge of theft

6. The property was not identified nor proven
to belong to the âfur companyâ

7. The first verdict of the jury was an acquittal in
law. Reasons in arrest of judgment

1 There is a misjoinder of a court for felony

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& one for a misdemeanor

2 The names of the MissouriMissouri fur company
are not stated in the Indictment

3 The proceedings are under the Territory of
MissouriMissouri, whereas they ought to have been under
the state concluding against the peace & of the
United StatesUnited States.

D. Barton

for Deft