United States v. James Watt
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis


US of AmericaAmerica

To any constable of said county

Whereas Joshua PilsherJoshua Pilsher of St LouisSt Louis hath this
Day given information upon an oath to me a justice
of the peace within and for the said county that
the following goods and chattles to wit Eighteen
pack of beaver skins and two pack of Racoon
skins have within sixty days last partly
some person or persons unknown
feloniously taken stolen and carried away
from the dwelling house of ThomasThomas Hemp
-stead in the town of St LouisSt Louis aforesaid and
that the said Joshua PilsherJoshua Pilsher hath probable
cause to suspect and doth suspect that
the goods or part thereof is concealed in the
house or store occupied by James WattJames Watt in the
said town of St LouisSt Louis

These are therefore to command and
requiring and with necessary and properassistance to enter in the day time in to the
said house of James WattJames Watt aforesaid and there
diligently search for the said good and
if the same or any part thereof be found
upon such search that you bring the
goods so found and also the body of the
said JamesJames watt before me or some other
Justice of the said county, to be disposed of
and dealt with according to law

given under my hand this second day of Augt 1820

JohnJohn R Guy R. GuyJohn R Guy J.P.