United States v. William Easdale
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WilliamWilliam EasdaleEasdale
United StatesUnited States

And the said
WilliamWilliam EasdaleEasdale that the
verdict aforeaid may be set aside
and a new trial awarded in
the premises and for reason
the following.

1 The Court it is believed erred
in the record the con
sideration of the slave GeorgeGeorge to
be read in evidence on the trial of EasdaleEasdale
as competent evidence to prove the
beaver had been stolen.

2 It is believed the Ccourt erred in
refusing to instruct the jury that if
thenames of the persons
the fur company were provided to them
they must acquit the prisoner

3 The verdict is against law and evidence
in this that there was no evidence
to shew EasdaleEasdale recieved the goods of

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GeorgeGeorge and is this that there was no
evidence that EasdaleEasdale knew the [ furrs ]
had been stolen. And that there was
color of as to two recieved

4 the verdict is against the weight of
evidence in this that then was so
much proof of EasdaleEasdale buying [ furrs ]
of different persons as to all
of his having received them and buying
and receiving are distinct offences under the
statute. And also in this that the
of PrestonPreston , which was the pnly proof to
the point of receiving was
contradicted is so many points
is, wholly to it.