Sally Jourdain v. Francis Jourdain et. al.
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To the HonoblNathanielNathaniel Barrby TuckerTucker , Judge


the Circuit court for the county of St LouisSt Louis

Your Petitioner SallySally Jourdain JourdainSally Jourdain , alias Labrosse,
represents, to your Honor that on or about the 24th day of May eighteen hundred and four she was, carefully married,
to Francis Jourdain, alias Labrosse, that previously to
their joining in matrimony to wit on the 23rd day of May eighteen,
hundred & four your petitioner entered, into a certain, agreement
commonly called a marriage, contract by which the said
Francois JourdainFrancois Jourdain & Sally Russel ( now,SallySally Jourdain JourdainSally Jourdain , alias
Labrosse,) the future couple engaged, and promised one to the
other, the faith of marriage and to have it celebrated as
soon as possible, or as soon as one should required the other
the contracting parties, agreed to have the
their properties personal & real, acquired or that they
might acquire during their joint life,, which shall be by
equal share. Your Petitioner further states that she brought
into her into matrimony the sum of five hundred & five
dollars & five seals, ( bits,) which sum the said Francois JourdainFrancois Jourdain
recognized, in said marriage contract as a privileged sum.
The said FrancoisFrancois Jourdain JourdainFrancois Jourdain furthermore, by the aforesaid contract
fixed a jointers, on dower of three hundred dollars, to &
to be taken by your petitioner as soon as dowary shall
takes place upon all the properties of said Francois JourdainFrancois Jourdain
which property shall from now remain, affected & mortgaged
The aforesaid marriage contract further stipulates, that the
survivor, of the aforesaid couple should have from the common funds,
the sum of one hundred dollars without prejudice, to the aforesaid
five hundred & five dollars & which was brought by your