Sally Jourdain v. Francis Jourdain et. al.
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and the said contract also made provision, that in case there
should be no child of the said marriage the survivor of said
couple should have and enjoy the whole, of the property, of the

Your petitioner further represents that she with the
said Francois JourdainFrancois Jourdain until the, day of eighteen hundred &

she applied for and obtained a divorce from the said bonds, of matrimony,from the said
FrancoisFrancois , that the said FrancoisFrancois was at that him possessed, in his
own right and that of your petitioner, of a house, and lot situate,
on church street in the town of the St LouisSt Louis and county aforesaid
bounded, on the east, by said church street south, by the
lot of AlexanderAlexander Billisms,, North by the lot of Oliver, & Smith &
West, by.

The said lot fronts, on church street
about fifty eight feet, french measure, and sums, back about
one, hundred feet,; that subsequent to the last mentioned time
the aforesaid to wit on the day of August 1819 the aforesaid
lot (before your petition aforesaid of the )
under execution to satisfy a dabt of the said FrancoisFrancois above,
and was to John Mullanphy; that the said MullanphyMullanphy ,
afterwards to wit on the day of eighteen hundred
and twenty conveyed, the same house, & lot to WilliamWilliam Louis
. Bishop of Louisianna AugusteAugust Chouteau ,ChoteauAugust Chouteau , David,
& Walker, William ClarkWilliam Clark & Alexander M. Main, to be
held by them for certain purposes in the mentioned, mentioned. Your
petitioner further states that the aforesaid Gubourg Choteau Walker,, Clark & Mc, Main now in possession, of said house
and lot have, refused & do refuse, your petitioner being endowed
and possessed, of said house, & lot according to the aforesaid marriage
contract. Therefore your petitioner hopes that your honor,
will have right, & justice, done unto her according to the effect
of the aforesaid contract, to wit that the said Choteau
Walker Clark & Mc. be decreed, to convey, the interest, &
right of half the aforesaid house & lot to your petitioner & that the remaining half,