Benjamin O'Fallon and William Clark vs. William Chambers and James Sawyer
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In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court St. Louis County
April Term 1821

BenjaminBenjamin O'Fallon OBenjamin O'Fallon FallonBenjamin O'Fallon William ClarkWilliam Clark vsWilliam Chambers
JamesJames Sawyer SawyerJames Sawyer

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Interogatories by plaintiffs attorney to
Maj William ChristyWilliam Christy Garnishee

1. Have you in your possession or care any
Lands or tenements belonging to said
ChambersChambers or SawyerSawyer or either ? if so state
their situation, quantity â and values

2. In the tract of land or any part thereof and on which you
now reside the property of William Chambers
if so please state its situation â quantity
& value â if it is not the exclusive property
of said ChambersChambers please state the nature &
quantity title& tract thereonâ

3. Have you not in your care the
Tract of land purchased by said ChambersChambers
of Louis Sabeame, if not please
state all you know respecting it

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4. Have you in your care, possesion, or
control any Goods, chattles, rights credits
effects monies or credits of said ChambersChambers
or SawyerSawyer â if so please state their
respective amounts, value,

5. Have you any debts in your care or control
or possesion any evidence of claims, monies
or credits due said Defendants â if so
state from whom due â their amount &
when payable

6. Doyouowe said ChambersChambers or SawyerSawyer
if so state how much â when due and

7 State all you know otherwiseof the
property real & personal of said Chambers & Sawyer

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