Louis Bissonnette, et. al. v. John B. C. Lucas
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I am expressing the transport
of my home to this said post on StSt Louis.
LouisSt Louis land of an arpent large of
fourty others long, a
partly plowed part situated in
the prairie touching this village and immediate farming
of Mr. Gamache and
the side of Chemin Royal that is
thirty six feet of RoyRoy and the two other sides
in the area of RoyRoy , the arpents measured with
my instrument a length of fourty
five feet with length taken four times
utilizing just an arpent of the country that is
One Hundred Eighty feet on each side
made while accompanying
the propietor and said Mr. Gamache
too immediate a neighbor to me to help serve
as a witness, I believe in order to indicate a
favorable situation of our respective concessions.
I went by and have limited my
presence of stones to his four quarters
before having the lines measured in width
and length whose first two parallel ranges
are said width going north north
east extending to the northeast twenty two degrees
thirty minutes and the two others
previously are of said length also parallel ranges
in the west quarter of the northwest where (3)
extending more to the west towards the north, eleven
degrees fifteen minutes without respect to any change in
the variation of compass, in having
consequence leading one
from the point of departure towards the north
northeast and towards the west quarter to the north
west an obtuse angle of one hundred degrees
fifteen minutes, compensating for the differences made
caused by the inequality of land and inclinations
of lines on the other known
perpendicular horizontals that always serve
us a true measure in width
and length, and so I attest for my
signature and for the unanimous admissions of your
proprietors of those gathered in this
moment with the approval of the said Mr.
Dn Pedro Piernas in the governing house
for the witnesses mutually
affirming this in their signature, the other
for their declarations of known signatures
in presence of Mr. Dn Pedro Piernas
said lieutenant Governor
and Dn Louis St AngeSt Ange
of Bellerive Reform CaptainCaptain and first commanding
predecessor serving the same post
of the other known and previously certified
for his signature in his said character and in
virtue of which he was charged of having
verbally conceded to have the title to
their said land in the name to his majesty and
the said Mr. Piernas to approve and ratify
also for his signature of his character.
Lieutenant Governor, with this he has provided