Louis Bissonnette, et. al. v. John B. C. Lucas
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Truly copied from the record book F pages
165 and 176 remaining in the office of the
Recorder of land titles for the territory of MissouriMissouri
St LouisSt LouisMay 12th 1821. M PP Leduc . LeducP Leduc ."

Which copy from said Records of said recorder's
office (so certified by said Leduc and also proved to be a true copy) was objected to by the Defendant
on the ground, as he alledged, that that copy was but
the copy of a copy of the said Livre Terrien therein
referred to; the plaintiffs claimed to use it as the
copy of a lawful record of said title papers:
but the objection of the Defendant was sustained
by the Court and the said copy rejected
and not permitted to go in evidence.

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The plaintiff then proved and gave in
evidence the claim and proof of AntoineAntoine Sou
lard to the same lot of land in dispute
and the confirmation thereof to the said
Souland which follow in there words and figures

âMonday January 23d 1809
"Board met present the Honble Johnb B. C. LucasLucas
Celement B. Pemaro & FrederickFrederick Bates BatesFrederick Bates .

Antoine SoulardAntoine Soulard Asignee of Louis
Bissonette claiming one aspent in front by 40
in depth adjoining the town of St LouisSt Louis, and
bounded on one sideby the loved of Gamache
and on the other side by the highway, produces
to the board a notice of claim to the Recorder
dated 29th June 1808, a concession to Louis
Bissonette for the same, granted by the St AngeSt Ange
and Piernas dated 23nd May 1772 and
registered in Livre Terrien No 2. folio 13.

Auguste ChouteauAugust Chouteau sworn says that
he knows of the widow of Louis Bissonette selling
the land claimed to Claimant, and for which
the received payment from un Pierre ChouteauPierre Chouteau
for AntoineAntoine Soulard_ that he, witness, as executor
for the state of Louis Bissonette, knows that the
heirs consented to the sale of said land to AntoineAntoine Soulard
SoulardAntoine Soulard , says that Louis Bissonette cultivated
the land claimed in 1765; and it has been cul
tivated by him and his representatives untill
about the year 1797.â âLid over for decisionâ