Louis Bissonnette, et. al. v. John B. C. Lucas
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Truly copied from the minute Book no 3 page
remaining in the Recorder's office of land
titles for the Territory of MissouriMissouri. St LouisSt Louis
May 12th 1821. M. P. LeDuc.

âWednesday April 26th 1809. Board met
present Clement BClement B . Pemore & Frederick BatesFrederick Bates
Commissioners Anthony Soulard asignee of
Louis Bissonette claiming one aspent in front
by 40 in depth adjoining the town of Saint LouisSt Louis
Book No 3 page 440. Confirmed to Anthony
Soulard 40 aspens of land and order that the
same the surveyed according to the metes and
bounds formerly established and as described in a
report of survey contained in a concession to Louis
Bissonette registered in Livre Terrien Book No 2
folio 13
âTruly copied from the minute Book no 4
page 21
. remaining in the office of the Recorder
of land claims within and for the Territory of
MissouriMissouri _ of which I certify. St LouisSt LouisMay 12th 1821. M P LeducP Leduc ." It appeared that Louis
Biponette the before mentioned was the
same person whose assignee the said AntoineAntoine Soulard
SoulardAntoine Soulard claimed to be.

No further evidence was given by
the plaintiff, and none was given by the
Defendant. The plaintiff counsel insisted
that the province of the Board of Commissioners
was only to determine the validity of the claimes
as against the United StatesUnited States, and that they

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could not affect the claims of individuals
and that the claim being confirmed as
against the United StatesUnited States, that confirmation
enured in law to the benefit of those entitled
to the land; whom they contended the plain
tiffs to be under said claims, title- papers,
and confirmation. They also insisted that
they were entitled to recover in this action
by virtue of the premises and of the Acts
of CongressCongress passed in relation to land
claims in this Country, and particu
larly that of the year one thousand
eight hundred and twelve in relation
to out lots common field lots and commons
appertaining to the several towns of the
late territory, now State, of Missouri therein
named; And they also excepted to the
several opinions of the Court against
them in this suit the cause having
been submitted to the Court without a
Jury, the Ciruit upon the testimony
before stated rendered Judgement for the
Defendant - In testimony of all which
the plaintiffs tender this bill of exception
& pray the Court to sign the same.

Which is done

N. B. Tuker