Louis Bissonnette, et. al. v. John B. C. Lucas
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Southernly by the Land occupied by
John BJohn B . C LucasLucas Northmandly by the
public read which leads from said town of
Saint LouisSt Louis to the tows of Saint CharlesSt Charles &
which said was separates the said tract of
Land from the Land occupied by JeremiahJeremiah Connor
ConnorJeremiah Connor - & restmardly by vacant Lands
Containing the quantity of one arpene penil
measure in front, by forty anpens in depit
to which aforesaid several tracts of land
together with all and singular the oppurtunities
thereinto in any rise belonging the aforesaid
plaintiffs on the day and year aforesaid were
legally entitled; and they the said plaintiffs
being to thereof of legally entitled to and
possessed of said tenements and sands
he the said Dependant afterwards towit
on the day anex year aforesaid, much force and
arms-othe Country of Saint LouisCountry of St Louis aforesaid
and within the jurisdiction of the Court, entered
with the said tenements- undo ourted
amoved- and ejected them the aforesaid
plaintiff out of them aforesaid tenements
and other wrongs to the said plaintiffs

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then and there did; to the great Damage of the said plaintiff-- and against the peace of the United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica-- Wherefore
the said plaintiff say- that they and injured and have sustained damage to the value of One thousand dollars

Wherefore why bring suit Ss


for plff