Louis Bissonnette, et. al. v. John B. C. Lucas
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St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court April Term 1821

The Heirs of Louis Bissonette deceased
John BJohn B . C. LucasLucas ,

Action of Ejectment

Be it remembered that on the trial of this cause
the plaintiff proved that Louis Bissonette decreased
their father about forty years ago was in the
possession and authvation of the forty aspens lot
adjoining the town of St LouisSt Louis and lying immedi
ately south of the St CharlesSt Charles road which
leads between the forty aspen lot of JeremiahJeremiah
Leounor and that on which the Defendants
new brick house and paint of his field are,
being the lot in dispute in this case, that
said Louis Bissonette deceased continued the occu
pation and cultivation of that lot untill his
death, having lived there in his life lived
fifteen or sixteen years; that after his death
his widow Madame Bissonette continued to
occupy and cultivate the same lot untill
the inhabitants of St LouisSt Louis abandoned the occu
pation of the commons, when the widow
left the premises nondispute some time before
her death _ that that lot in dispute is one
of the lots employing the ground formerly
cultivated by the inhabitants of St LouisSt Louis town
commonly called the common field;and
that the palintiffs are the heirs and repre
sentatives of said Louis Bissonette deceased

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as alledged in their declaration; and that
the dependant is, and at the time of insti
tuting this suit was in the possession of
the said lot in dispute in this case.

The plaintiff then offered in evidence
a copy of a deed of exchange made between
the said Louis Bissonette deceased and his brother
FrancoisFrancois in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy one before
the then Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper LouisianaLouisiana
and filed among the public records of the late Spanish Government in thier Country
and duly certified by ArchibaldArchibald Gambel Clerk
of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court office County office sources
to be a true copy of the original on file
in his office, whereby the said FrancoisFrancois gives the lot in dispute in exchange for other land; which was objected ot by the Defendant and rejected by the Court as not
being the best evidence in the plaintiff's power to produce.

The plaintiff then offened in evidence the fol-
lowing transcript from the Book of record of the letter and title paper to land in late province
of Upper LouisianaLouisiana, kept by the Recorder of