Pelage v. Francois Valois and John P. Cabanne
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Francois ValoisFrancois Valois

Pelagie an infant

June Term 1822. And the said
ValoisValois by his attornies comes and defends the
wrong and injury when and says that the
said Pelage ought not to have or maintain
her aforesaid action thereof against him
because he says that before the com
mencement of this suit, and untill the twen
ty fifth the day of September in the year eighteen hundred and twenty one the said Pelagie
was the slave of him the said ValoisValois to writ at
the county aforesaid and that he the said Va-
lois then and there by his cetain of
that date for and in consideration of the sum of
three hundred dollars to him paid by one JohnJohn P Cabanne
PJohn P Cabanne . CabanneJohn P Cabanne bargained and sold the said slave
to the said CabanneCabanne his executors administration
and and this he is ready to verify, wherefore
he prays Judgment if the said Pelage ought
to have or maintain her aforesaid action
of against