John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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To the Honorable the Chancellor of the State of mipouri

HumblyHumbly complaining show unto you Honor
you orator John PJohn P babauni,
Barthola, PierrePierre bhoutean juniorBeruard
PrattePratte & michael E. Immeela

That some time about the twelth day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventeen your orator together
with manuel LisaLisa and The dore Aunt
intered into written
articles of capartneship for tho the purposes
of trading with tho inorder up the missouri river
and its Tributory streanes. It was amongest then
things stipulated and agreed between the
parties in and by the said written agreements
that tho said copartnership shared continus in
the space of five year next anouncing the date of the
agreement subject however to be a
sooner by the majority of the partnerners. That
the profits and lap if the business should be
divided and come in equal portinus by the partis; that in case if difficulties either in
the deliberations of the firm or in the transactions
of the company the same should be

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settled amicably by a reference to friends and that
the said Imunell should be interested in and
one third part of TheodoreTheodore Aunti sixth part of
the concern thereby making the said `Hunt and ' Immelle together have an interest equal to
that if one of the other partness acc which
will more facty appear by a reference to the
said articles if coportnership a copy of which
is herewith exhibited marked me /- and prayed
to the taken as a part of this bill.

And your further State that
they together with the said Lian and
Theodore HuntTheodore Hunt in furnance of the said
articles of partnership purchased large quantities
of merchandise and other articles suited to
the indian trade and carried on the triumph of
said concern in trading with theindians up the river MissouriMissouri and its holiday streamed
until some time about the fifteenth day of april in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninetten. That some time about the day last aforesaid at a meeting of the
said company at which a majority of the partners
were present. That is John Pbahanni. BernardBernard
Prathe PierrePierre bhoutene manancel
and The o dore HuntHunt and to the proceedings of
which meeting the said Barthatomen Barthola
and michael E Immeela apented and agreed