John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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appear that said preview, or any open agenda of said
original company of CabanneCabanne then good &
after the said first day of June 1819 these dependantsnill elam
the value of any such sales where the same can be ascertained

These said Dependants further day, they do not know whether
said brought the said fun of veined from elliehall
immrel to a not nor whether said complainants
applied to sum for the same; they have been reformed it
line that the equipment of goods sent by said alliecharl immalls
to one of the long established and well knows dependencies on
the establishments of said company of CabanneCabanne of on the ellipoemi
view, at a place called the village which was the usual
trading place of the agents of said cabanne of, for the prees r
of indians that said immeld arrived at that village much
his said agreement after the first day of June 1819 and
traded the same to the indians by himself, a clerk after that time -- and that
the proceeds mentioned in said also & the articles received
in trade for said equipment; that after said immrlo aforesaid,
he sined as a clark to said expedition, the trade arrony said goods,
one e thtoini eitelrace del sansevan, to nehom he was to pay $ 400
upon his services; that the trade much the said press indiner
of the said equipment mentioned as agree and articles not finished metel
the fall of 1819. where saidMichaelMichael immeld ser descended the
MissouriMissouri with said cargo of fun loctun mentioned in said
accept exhibit also & --, and armed much the Jame at council
and the MissouriMissouri -- there said llanueb claimed the same
by virtue of said articles of purchase ( alo 2), who
to give thumbs up, because he said immell nor not paid for his
in the said expedition to said Press village-- and because
said citrcrau nor not paid, thereupon said immeld and said
ellanced agrred to upon the nehole matter in depute so

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the anbitement and final ananod of captions ellathen i allage
and chanles penttonedof the States Armey and slay Benjamain Hallen
who after hearring the proofs and allegation of the said
and MichalMichael & Immill anoncled and de erred that in peserll and
of the of sale dated april 15th 1819 teno said eabami
so said alloneed said - (being the same exhibit also 2) the said
fens speetner mentioned in said veupt (exhibit 3,)
so said ManuelManuel , as been fracled after the said 1. day of June 1819 -- much also said ManuelManuel ehorlob pray to said Asertone Citelean the subm of &400 the promised to him by
siad alleehael i innell -- (which said $400 upon said Dependents
here been imposed of beleine it there accordingly paid and further
said arbetretors amonded that said manuel sela should pery to said
immell fer his sences in that expedition at the rate of $1000 pression
which was done as the said defendants are informed of belceve it tree
-- beat for what time, a hon much was then paid, the said dependents
not knowing, edm of say -- the said defendants further say
that they have been informed that the above nor in
treating, and depeteates furnished the vepecton preteer, that furnished
said ellechael, said dependents commot find, when deseormed
they pray may from of this then answer--in the
mean time belonging from nifomatein that she said complements home
in then popepen the duplicate amond furnished said the said
Dependants approche some being to the
inspection of this honorable courtâ

The said Dependents further day, that then from
informed and brlcive it , that it the time of the
of siad on at the Prees village after said. sonet after the
said first day of June 1819 the said immell nor shall a
of said company of of and so until the ambtrement a