John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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him, that Mr. harriy been called in as Umpire by
shal fellmmd had made on armed much out hearing the whole of the
facts and evidence, what under those circumstances, could count
to it, and denid that is the pehepes mne then premt he should lose
no time is smny the month aojurted by all clamens if he could do
hem the whole order t v investeyate the sabyeeh a by my olhn
honest and and eompatent man to be maduedly o holm - Mr. Cabame
for himself t smidentood fn his poeale instontly eompleisd mech
the propoicteon, dejelaiming any mlenlia of enjoying any asrando not
property obtained - mad that if was night t first that Mr. Clombns
ought should hem the shose evidence the saw Depndent father states
that he immidiatly mmt to said demon and infomed him of the commata much Mr. Cabome

and earnestly requested said blemm to hen the whole evidence
to investigate the matter, and vense his around - he would
not do so, allegy that he did not wish to have any further
trouble with it the said Dependent further states, that he
infomed the said complaiments, B. pathe - p. bubame &
P. bhouteam ts of this determination of Mr. Clemom, and also of his
said Dependant hath wer since properped his nellingnep tis dtell siclnig
to have the whole matter arbitrated whom the evidence of said
hmmelb t peleher - could be obtained - the said Dependent further
states that said afenaud, and said remained in St. LouisSt Louis some after
did not nor would agree that any other shane saux blemm should
act as ampri -

The said dependant MaryMary Suci executive asforesaid and, sanp
that she knows nothing of the matter above in repect to said
arbitration only as she has since been informed by said Hampstead
that if said Hemplend had thought proper to hare eatipud and
aeccded to said arround she should home joined in that raticicaten

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that he him aoh Hhnefue she han you done aimp thing in reepcet
there to -

The said Defendants fanithn anemms day that for the
umens above stated, they do not conceive the above amand
legal, non just - and shall therfore insist in she Honorable
Court that said amard and ought not to be informed against
them as exceed on in afnuad

The said Defendants suneth amrnning - say that at
the date of the last mentioned tebmipion as aforesaid - neither
of said Defendants the qualified to act in execution for one time, and
owing to the illness of the she entrox for some time and the
change of the probate poing. mne sathe s granted to the said
Defendants into about as 6th of febuary 1821

Without that sc

S Hempstrad himself & sal
sarellyelmary leise