John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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it was agreed by the said parties. by a certain instrument
in writing under the land and seals of the
parties present. that the said company should
abandon to manuel his a one of the partner
thereaf the whole of his property then in the use
of the company in the upper MissouriMissouri of
block with shop and . horses. hoys
with the establishment of Forts sisa and and all other things received by the said
company from the said manuel lia it
was provided that the above artich should
not take effect until after the complete and
entire of the affairs of the company
in the appear missouri and until after the fun
tallow and all the things belonging to
the company should have bear samoved cahich
is a to he done with all comonteil speed and
without any delay. and if for wasnt
of sufficient mean of transportationany part
of the property should and effects of the company
might not be brought away the same should
he depositea safely and secerely on accoorent
of said comapny and subject to their or our
is some part of the above mentcoied forth. then
to remain free of charge until the same world
he brongth away. And it wad further agreed
that if the said manuel his should amine

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at most lia hefore the affaeis af the company
should he enterely settled and closed. he should
not enter into trade with the indans opon his
own accurent nor inter into the
at use on management of any part of
the property of the company other of that
which the company might yet have to sell
nor of the proccor of sale therefore made
the company. and whatever fun
and other article remained on hand should
he stree the property of the company. and
the said manuel in and by the last aforaid
agreement agreed to pay the said then
partner in consideration of the aforesaid above
donment. lestain sum of money in that agrement
mentioned. all which together with there-
planatory stipulations more fully appear
from the said agreement. And the said
part is by another agreement agained by
a may majority of them entered into on
the sixteenth day of april refereaid in order
micre fully to explain the first artich of the
last mentined agreement it was further agreed
that the said manuel was to take and that the
said company cold and aband oned unto him
the establishments known by the name of most
his a and most valeans with all their dependencies