John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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on the upper Missousi together in th the negro, blacksmith
shap, tools, homes mules and hago - and in like manner
ace the effects merchandine and stock in trade of sade
company that should remain unsold and undisposed
of on the upper missouri after the spring trade
should have been concluded in the manner
therein after mentioned - and it was further agreed
that the time to he allowed for the finishing of
the spring Trade by Barthalomen Berthold or any
of the agents of said company there on the
missouri should he the first day of June then
next that is that whatever contracts on Trade
to the arrival of him that should be
made and done should befor the benefit
of said company. are which cover fully
appear by the said two agreements her with
exhibitted marked no 2. and prayed to he
taken as a past of this bill.

And your braton state that the
true intent and meaning of the said two last
mentioned agreements were that the said company
should see to the said manuel the said trading
establishments and such property as the company
had originally received from manuel and HuntHunt
but that the goods and other articles hear
by the company forwarded for that springs trade
still remained the property of the company and
were to he sold for their benefit, or brought away.

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and that the suplementat agreement explainings
the first article of the first agreement, was intended
to fix a time within in which the company should
cease Trading at the said establishments and not
to give to manuel the property of the company on
the contingency of its nut happening to he then
sold. Your oraton think this the fair construetion
of the whole of thesiad two agreements taken
together and expreply allege that if they
hear any other meaning it was a mistake
in drawing them up and nut the and on landing
at the parties.

And your oratons further state that shortly
after the execution of the siad text mentioned agreemets
the said TheodoreTheodore Hunt HuntTheodore Hunt sold to the
said John labanne one of the complainants are
his interest and claim in and to the property and
effects of said company for a valuable consideration
paid to him by siad .

And your braton further state that on
or about the thirteeth day of april in the
year cast aforeoaid and before the agents of
the company had any notice of the above
agreements a large quantity of the good and
merchandise belonging to the paid company
and forwarded for that springs trade were
from to michael immel at the Ree village to be traded with the morans