John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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In the year One thousand eight hundred
and eight, on the Thirteenth day of January - were
present EdwardEdward hempstead Nature of New LondonLondon
In the State of Connecticut, second son of Stephan
HempsteadHempstead , and MaryMary LewisLewis his wife. stipulates
for himself & in his name of the one part; and
Dame Susanne widow of Louis
stipulates for Clarice
her daughter here present, andwith her
Consent stipulates likewise for herself, and in her name
of the other part: which said parties in presence
of, and with the consent of their relations ââ,
and friends herein named, on the part of the said
Hempstead, . Alexander -
Thomas Riddick and WilliamWilliam C Carro, and on
the part of the said clarice
StSt Vrain . VrainSt Vrain , and Louis
hare voluntarily acknowledged and confessed
to here made and agreed con themselves.
The treaty contract and convention of Marriage
which follows, to writ -

âThat the said Susanne Saintone
. of dubriel has promised, and
promises to give the said Clarice
Dubriel of her own consent- in marriage to he said
hempstead who promises to take her, for his
Lawful wife- & to celebrate the marriage in the

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face of thechurch so soons as it may be practically
and when with of the parties requests it of the ochor:

"The future HusbandHusband and Wife shall be in
partnership, or society (communicate) of the properly real and personal -
acquired (âacquetâ)and to be acquired (â)
which partnership shall be regulated according
to the laws. .

"The said future HusbandHusband and Wife shall not
in any manner be held liable for the debts of the one
of the ochor, made and contractor before the
celebration of the said marriage: They shall be
acquitted and paid by him or her who had
Contracters it. upon then proper estate, michael
the other party - or then estate being in any manner

âThe portion which the said future Wife brings
into marriage, is the same of six hundred and eighty three dollars
coming from the estate of Louis
her father, which said sums is here internally
counted to the said EdwardEdward Hempstead HempsteadEdward Hempstead , who
acknowledges to have recored the same - and for
which he gives full and entire acquillance to the
said Dame Susanne widow of Louis

"The said future HusbandHusband has and (domaine)
the said future wife of the sum after hundred Dollars