John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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to have, and to take the said "Douaine"
so soon as she may meet, and to have the
preference upon all the estate of the said future husband;
which said , or shall never help
properly belong to the children which may be born
of he said marriage; and it shall be permitted
to the said future wife, and to the children which may
be born of the said marriage by renouncing all right to the
said Patnership to retake all which, she may
bring into the said marriage, and which shall or
may be coming to them, or face to them as well
personal as real estate by inheritence suspicion
donation, or gift- legacy, or othewise:
In like manner the said future wife may retake her
such as above mentioned, and the Dower
as herein after mentioned according to law
et que de " free, acquitted
and clear of all debts of said Partnership

"The said future HusbandHusband by reason of the tender
friendship which he bears towards the said his future wife
and in lien, and place of "" , .. transports and abandons
to the said future wife. The of all his
estate which may be found at the time of his death,
that is to say- the of the property
read during her life- and the third of the
personal property forever; and in the case- or the

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at the chock at the court death of the said future HusbandHusband
and ther shall not be any child born, or to be born
of said marriage, he gives- releases, transports, and
abandons to the said wife, his future wife, the
use and enjoyment ââ of the or half
of all his real property for and during her Life-
and he gives, and abondans forever, and in full
property to the said future wife the or half
of all the personal property which shall be found
at the time of his death...

And for as much as it has been
and agreed upon between, and for the execution of
these presents they have chosen then residence in
the Town of S Luios of IllinoisIllinois, which place
promising- Obligations - reoving -
each one for themselves, and in their own hames, make
and exicute at S LouisS Louis. the the day and year above is
have also signed -

Thomas F
Femon .

The above translation was made by me, and
belive the same to be et..