John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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and in like manner a large quantity of the same
goods was by said immel about the fourteenth
of May of the same year with paul Poimean
at the month of the river park. and the
said immel with the aforesaid goods purchased
of the indians in the course of the ensuing summer
three hundred and twelve six
park containing five hundred and ninety one
pounds he and twenty nine pair of
garnished which he delivered to
manuel LisaLisa as appears by said ManuelManuel
. and the said PaulPaul Pominean bought
with the goods delivered to him as aforesaid about
one hundred and fifty summer heaven skins
forty two good heaven, forty good other skins and
twenty summer other skins ten parks
skins. Sixty skins & one hundred and
fifty skins. all which the said Pominean delivered to said manuel.

And your frators further state that
in the spring of the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty the said manuel brought down to St LouisSt Louis the and aforesaid. and your applied to him
an amount and delivery to them of their
part of said which said manuel
refused to render and deliver to them

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alleging that the whole of said fun and
belonged to him as being the proceed of the
sales made of the company goods after the first day of June one thousand eight hundred and nineteen And before your fracton and the said manuel could settle the
having made his last will and in in our form
matter. The said manuel did will
at St LouisSt Louis - and therefore some time in
the summer of the year one thousand eight
hundred and twenty CharlesCharles s. Hemp
stead and many LisaLisa the executor and
named in the said last will and
upon themselves, The execution and
caused The said will to he July proved and
touk out letters thereon. and as such executor and execution themselves
of the aforesaid and and
of are the god nights credits and effects
of the said manuel.

And your fraton further state that
on an about the twenty fifth day of August
in the year last aforesaid by a certain
agreement under the hand and seals of
the said charles S. Hempstead executor as
aforesaid and your oraton
Berlhald. Premi ChoteauChoteau when P.
and Bamara Prati