John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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To the Honorable WilliamWilliam Harper Chancellor
in over the State of MissouriMissouri - as a
Count of Chancery in & for the third Judicial
District of said State -

Respectfully complaining
your Honor - your Orator Chester Honding of the
and County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis. state aforesaid-
That on the sixteenth day of April in the year One thousand eight hundred & fourteen at the form of
Saint LouisSt Louis aforesaid - One
then living but since executed-Salo to one
- by the name and description of
a certain Lot of Ground bying and being
in the upper end of saidforms of Saint LouisSt Louis-
bounded on the North by the Lot of the
Catherine- Nest & east by the ground of said
Jacque - by a crop leading
from the Mipipippi which the
from the mississipi of ground (norr)owned by whom
BradyBrady - Containing the quantity of
( for french ) front going North South-
by twentyfirst ( to he like measure) deep. east

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which aforesaid Lot is situable between the second
streets upon the hill them the
by rains - to begin at the of one hundred feet
(intended to be like measure) from said second main street
for and in consideration of the price of
fifty Dollars payable in fifty work
meaning work on the
of him said Jacque Clamorgan to be done at all
such times when said should have need
during the course of the then present years, and said
Jacque Clamorgan then made & executed
a certain writingsigned with his hand - by
him, expressive of the above sale & which said
papers signed as aforesaid said
in the presence of one JosephJoseph is hereunto
attached marked A & which your Orator praysbe be taken
as part and panelafter in Bill)-by which
aforesaid wiling-it was also further agreed stipulated by &
between said and Clamorgan that until
the final payment by said

of theaforesaid
fifty Dollars in work as aforesaid the said
bargainedand soldthe lot should remain Mortgaged
and hypothecated to said Clamagon