John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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having executed, or paper any other miling or Deed
whatsoever relative to said or having given
any acquiltance and discharged for the fulfillmoney
of the bargain mentioned in the aforesaid
and leaving as heir & the following named children
- P. , Apoline, ,
and having previously madce of duly executed his last
will & whereby he devised all his
estate to the aforesaid persons P.
non of apoline his daughter, an infant and
, partial. & maximum infants - fall of whom
your Orator prays may be made Defendants to this
his bill of complaint, and said infants be compelled
by to - & also by said
appointed P. C Touland
of and whom - your orator also
may be made Defendants to this Bill -

And your orator further states that
afterwards on the thirteenth day of February in the One thousand Eight hundred & eighteenth
the said by duly executed
and recorded, granted. bargainedsolo of said
Lot (he said even his purchase
there of remained in quest undisturbeddisputed

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power in him said to align
or mortgage said - and it was also
further agreed stipulated by & between said
parties that for the more effectual security of the
performance of the aforesaid bargain of contract -
One Braconia then of there agreed to do
& performs conjointly the promise & engagement of
said so as aforeaid set faith and agrees upon
that is to say to pay to said
the said of fifty Dollars in workas aforesaid
and he said Braconia then his name
to said writing by his Ordinary - mark

Orator further States that said writing
man not of delivered as a Did in due form of
Law but only in the manner above state - &
hefurther States represents to your that
the aforesaid work non for the said
recording to the meaning , of
said contract longain as expresed mentioned
in said wiling - And your Orator further
States that about the most of November in the year One thousand eight hundred & fourteen the said
Jacqueclamorgan, unexpectedly, died, without