John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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and for as much as your Orator cannot a
conveyance of said granted and described premises, non obtain
due executor or any specific performance of the
contract and articles aforesaid, or be otherwise
in the premises than by the and apistance
Honorable Court: To the end therefore, that the
said John Q Cabame, soulard Executors as
aforesaid: the said. . said the said . , Martial Maximin - by there
upon their corporaltrue and
perfect make to all and singular the mallers
aforesaid, and that as fully and as particularly
as if the same were herein againrepeated and
particularly interrogated to be answered unto, and more
Especially that the send Defendants many
according to the best of then respective knowledge
information and belief : whether
1st. The said jacque did not tell to
the aforesaid in manner above stated?
2. whether the said Lot as above described were not
Solo an aforesaid & for the price stated in said ?
3. whether the writing above described & hereto all attached
is not the proper writing with the proper
of thereto attached? -

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and was it not executed in the presence ? -

4. whether the obligation & promise on the part
of said this security braconia was not
fulfilled according to the terms, true meaning
of said contract and article between said &
clam organ - ?

5. whether the article of writing above said is not
the only one ever executed by said
to said touching the sale ofsaid ?

6 did the said Clam organ ever execute on willings
any acquittance or discharge to said -

7 Did not she said Clam organ at the time
above stated? & did he not make execute his
nice aforesaid, leaving the aforesaid Executors
& & - as above stated & set forth ?
if not. state what others will (if any) he executed
what him & representatives aboves did he leave ? -

8. are not the above named
infants be and is not the said of age?

9. Did not said braconiansell and convey
the aforesaid Lot to saidpeter