John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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that whereas difficulties existed between the
late Mur company of mcpr. cacami to
and the late manner Les a deceased
nelatini to a quantity of Murs and traded
for by m. michacle Lminece on the
missouri river as would appear by the
of the said Lia Therclo anneced
and also as to some received by m.
privance in order to adjust and Aelter the
same according to the Seventh article of
The article of spoination of said balance
dated july 12th 1877. tho said
therely submitted the paid malten in
to the final arbitration and award of
premie menard and HenryHenry to
decide the sarne according to the said
Seventh article. and in case the paid asbtration
could not agree they were to
cace in an unpire whose award
was to he final - as mine fully appear
by the said submission hered armeced
marked. no 3. and preyed to he taken
as a part of their wic.

And your fraton further state
that the paid premie menard and HenryHenry bonphul

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having taken upon themselves the burther of paid
asbitramene and not Lecing able to agree on
in about the twenty fifth of argent our there
and eight hundred and twenty. chose
JamesJames blemem gr. as an unfire to decide the
parne and the said JamesJames blemem jr. having
taken upon himself the further chereque
on in about the day last aforesaid made
his decesicion and award in unting and therely
determined that the laclow received by michacl during his
agency for until his return to
just Lia helonged to the fenin of
Leo-and that his agency for that company
only ceased on his return to most Lia
which said award signed by the said
menard as wece as by th esaid
blemens in herewith exhibited marked
and prayed to he taken as a part of
this lie -

And your aratin further state that
the fun taceous so determined
to belong to the company. are the same
herein before stated to have been brought
down by and delivered
to said mannel in his life time and by