John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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appear that said pierre premiour, or any other regards of said
original company of calamme&Co, traded then goods&much
after the said first day of since 1819. these Difendants will claim
the value of any such sales which the same can be as entainedâ

These said Defendants further say, they do not know whether
said Manurs LisaLisa brought the said forms fer received from Michail
ImmellImmell down to St. LouisSt Louis, a not no whether said complainants
applied to him for the same; they, have been informed therein it
time that the equiponent of goods sent by said Michail ImmellImmell
was so one of the long established and will known depondencies or
the establishments of said company of Calamne'&Co. on the MissouriMissouri
river, at a place called the Rres Village which was the usual
trading place of the agents of said Calamne'&Co. for the Rres nation
of Indians That said ImmellImmell arrived at that village with
this said equipment a after the first day of some
traded the Same to the Indians by , a Clark after that time â and that
the proceeds mentioned in said exhibit No 3. was the articles received
in trade for said equipment; That after said ImmellImmell arrived as a foresaid,
the tired as a Clark to said expedition, hade among said goods,
one citelrau det Sangeran, to whom he was to pay $ 400
for his services; that the hade with the said Rres Indians
of the said equipment mentioned as aforesaid was not finished until
the fall of 1819. Where said Michail ImmellImmell descended the
MissouriMissouri with said cargo of form articles mentioned in said
receipt exhibit No 3 â, and armed much the same at Council
on the MissouriMissouri where said Manurs LisaLisa claimed the same
by virtue of said articles of purchase (exhibit No 2), who referes
to give them up. because he said ImmellImmell was not paid for his
services in the said expedition to said Rres Village â and because
said Citrtion was not paid, thereupon said ImmellImmell and said
Manurs agrred to refer the whole matter in despite to

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the orbitrement and final awards of Captains Matthen I Magee
and CharlesCharles Penttend of the U states Armags, and May Bexjomon J Stallon
who after hearing the proofs and alligation of the said Manurl LisaLisa
and Michal R. Immell, an orded and decrred that in perses and
of the articles of sale dated april 15th 1819 form said Cabamne&Co
so said Manual LisaManuel Lisa (being the same exhibit No 2) the said
forms&pettnes on extioned in said receipt (exhibit No 3.) belonged
so said ManuelManuel , as having been traded after the said 1st. day of June 1819 and also, that said Manual Shorldpoy to said
Antone Cetilian the sum of $ 400 the wages promised to him by
said MichalMichael I ImmellImmell (which said $ 400 upon said Depondants
here been informed of beleive it was accordingly paid) and further
said arbitrants an orded that said Manul LisaLisa should pay to said
Immull for his Services in that expediction, at the rate of $ 1000 preyeon
which was done as the said Dependants are informed of believe it trem â
bat for what time, a much thers paid, the said Dependants
not knowing, extrodinary â the said further say
that they have been informed that the above award was
writing, and defitieates fernished the upon , that formes had
said Manual, said Dependants cannot find, whose deserved
they pray may informs forms part and parcel of this them answer â in the
mean time beleving from information that she said complainants here
in then popepeon the deflicate arround furnished said Immull the said
Dependants until upon the same being submitted to the
inspection and judgement of this honourable Court â

The said Dependants forther say, that the have been
informed and believe it true, that at the time of the trading
of said Mischaindere at the Rers village aforesaid. after the
said first day of June 1819 the Immull was still a partner
of said complaint of Calamen'&Co. and continued so until the orbitrement a foresaid