John P. Cabanne, Pierre Chouteau, Barthole Benthold, Bernard Pratte, and Michael Smuel vs. Charles Hempstead, Theodore Hunt, and Manuel Lisa
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him, that M. Calmens having, been called in as umpire by Missry.
shall followed had made an assined with out hearring, the whole of the
facts and evidence, that under those inconstances, I never could consent
to it, and desired that as the was then petent we should lose
no time in having the matter adjusted by M. Clemans if he would do
hen the whole evidence&re investigate the subject, a by any other
honest and competent man to be matually those M. Calame
for himself&I understoodfor her apoecates, instantly compleid with
the proposition, disclaiming, any intention of exforeing any arrond not
properly obtained and that it was right&just that M Clamans
ought&should her the whole evidence the said Depondant forther states
that he immediately went to said Clamons and informed him of the
commation M Calome

and earnestly requested said Clemons to the whole evidence
re investigate the matter, and untill his arron â he should
not do so, alleging, that he did not with no time any further
trouble with it the said Dependant forther states. that he
informed the said complainants, B. PratteB Pratte Op. Cralame &
P. Choutean ss of this determention of M. Clamon, and also of his
said Dependant that ever since propossed his &is still saillnig
to have the whole matter orbitisted where the evidence of said
Immell&Plicher could be obtained the said Depondant forther
states that said Immunel&Plech. renamed in St. LouisSt Louis some days after
the arrand aforesaid, and said complainants during that time
did not, nor would agree that any other than said Clemons should
act as umprie â

The said Depondant MaryMary executed as aforesaid, says
that the Snony nothing of the matter above in respect to said
orbitiation only as she has since been informed by said C S Hempstead
that if, said Hemprlend had thought proper to have satisfied and
acceded to said arrond she should have joined in that ratification

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that he has not, therefore she has your done any thing on respect
thereto â

the said Depondants forther arrowing say that for the
reasons above stated, they do most concern the above arrevel
legal, nor just â and shall therefore must in the honerable
count that said arrond right not to be informed against
them as execution as aforesaid.

The said Depondants forther arriving â say that at
the date of the last mentioned Submission as aforesaid â neither
of said Dependants the qualified to act in execution, and
owing, to the illness of the executions for some time. and the
change of the probate posing. was selfer granted to the said
Depondants until about 6th of February 1821.

Without that

S. for himself
for Mary LisaMary Lisa