Jeffrie vs. Joseph Robdoun
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To JosephJoseph Robideaux RobidouxJoseph Robideaux

You will please take notice that
in the case of JeffrieJeffrie who was by his next friend
RachaelRachael Camp against you in a plea of
Assault & BatteryTrespass and false imprisonment
the said JeffrieJeffrie by his Attorney has sued out a writ
of error to the SupremeSupreme Court CourtSupreme Court of this State for
the 3rd Judicial district to reverse the judgment
heretofore obtained by you against said JeffrieJeffrie as
aforesaid. The SupremeSupreme Court CourtSupreme Court to be holden on
the first Monday of November next

You are also notified that if you take
said JeffrieJeffrie out of the juridiction of the fourth
You will be held responsible on your recognizance
You will therefore not remove said JeffrieJeffrie at your

JeffrieJeffrie by his next
friend RCamp

for. Bays & Pattis
his Attys.