Jeffrie vs. Joseph Robdoun
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vsJosephJoseph Robideaux RobidouxJoseph Robideaux

St LouisSt Louis Circuit

Bestremembered that an the rule to
show cause the Judgementsrendered
in this cause should not be set aside for irregularity. the
said RobidouxRobideaux showed for cause nothing but the
record & proceedings in said cause. the said
Jeffreyshowed that all the authority which
RachaelRachael Camp who prosecuted said scuts as his
Guardian or next friend has for so doing was
derived from an order of which the following
is a copy of here the order apparting
RachaelRachael Camp Guardian or foundRecordBook No
(The said plaintiff also offered to prove that Said)
at the time of the of said
at and at the time of the condition of the conduct & judgement
he was an infantsunder the age of one
years namely that he was burn the fourteenth day of May 1806-The courts refused to hear
this , discharged the rule, and refused
to set aside said judgments for irregularity
to the business at the courts in refusing to hear
the offered as aforesaid in discharging
said rule and refusing to set aside said judge
--ments said Jeffryoftenders this Bill of
while is sealed & made
part of the record

WillWill C. CarrCarr

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