Jeffrie vs. Joseph Robdoun
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Joseph RobidouxJoseph Robideaux

Saturday 30th April 1835

Error from St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
And now at this day come the
parties aforesaid by their respective attornies and the court
now here being sufficiently advised of and concerning
the premises consider that the judgment aforesaid in
form aforesaid by the said Circuit CourtCircuit Court be re-
versed and for nought held and esteemed and it is ordered
by the Court that the Cause be remanded to the said
Circuit CourtCircuit Court for further proceedings in the said Cause
in Conformity with the opinion of this Court deliv-
ered in this case and it is further considered by the
Court that the said Jeffrey recover of the said
Joseph RobidouxJoseph Robideaux his costs and charged by him about

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the prosecution of his writ of error in this case ex-
pended and that he have thereof execution.

State of MissouriMissouri
3rd Inde. district

I JosephJoseph C BrownBrown Clerk of the Supreme CourtSupreme Court
for the third Judicial district in the state of Mis-
souri do certify the foregoing is a true and full
copy of the opinion of the said court delivered in
the said case of Jeffrey vsJoseph RobidouxJoseph Robideaux and
of the Judgment of the said Court rendered in the said case as they remain in my officer.

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In testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seal of Office at
Office this twenty eighth day of Octo ber in the year of our Lord one thou-sand eight hundred and thirty one

Jos. C BrownBrown Clerk