Pelage vs. John P. Cabanne
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To the Honb

The Circuit CourtCircuit Court Sitting
for the CountyCounty of St Louis ofCounty of St Louis St LouisCounty of St Louis

JamesJames respectfully
that at the last term of this court
Pelagie a woman of colour and
under the age of twenty one years
by DavidDavid gaeth her next friend
Presented her petitionto this honor-
able Court setting forth facts (veri
fied by affidavit) which entitled
the said Pelagie her freedom. and
praying to be permitted to sue as
a poor person to obtain her freedom
that this honorable court in pur=
of the prayer of said petitioner
directed an action of assault and
battery and false imprisonment
to be brought according to the
provisions of the Statue in that
case made and provided- and
did thereupon assign your petitioner
as couunsel for the said Pelagie to pro=

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prosecute said suit that suit
was accordingly instituted and
is now pending. that such pro-
ceeding was had in said suit that
Francois Vallais the person who
claimed said Pelagie as his slave
and against whom the said action
was brought pursuant to said
Directions of this Court was at
the term of this court com
pelled or did enter into recogni
zance with condition thereto touch-
ing the Treatment by him to be towards the said Pelagie
in all things as the statute in that
case requires- your petitioner
further states that since the last
term of this Court as he is informed and believes the said Defendant
Francais Vallais, has sold said
Pelagie to oneJohn PJohn P Cabanne . CabanneJohn P Cabanne
of this County, who has recently sent
or caused said Pelagie to be conveyed
to St. Genevieve, and there to be shiped
on board of some boat for new
orleans and beyond the jurisdiction