Pelage vs. John P. Cabanne
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Pelagie from and out of the said dwelling house
of him the siad JohnJohn P PJohn P . and to be transported and
conveyed to a great distance from said dwelling
house under the pretence of owning the said Pelagie
as his slave, to wit to the distance of forty miles down
the river MississippiMississippi to a place than and
being to wit at the township and county aforesaid
and did than and there imprison the said Pelagie
and keep and detain her in prison
there for a long space of time to wit for
the space of twenty five days, and did then and there
put and place the said Pelagie in irons and her
during all the said time last mentioned did detain in in irons contrary
to the laws of the said StateMissouri ofMissouri MissouriMissouri and ag-
ainst the will of the said Pelagie, whereby she the
said Pelagie was then and there not only hurt and bruised and wounded but was thereby then and
there exposed to great hazzard of her life libert
and rights and much injured in her condition
and circumstances to wit at the county of S LouisS Louis
aforesaid and other wrongs to the said Pelagie then
and there did against the peace of the said state
of MissouriMissouri wherefore the said Pelagie by her said
next friend is injured and hath sustained
damage to the amount of fivethousand dollars
and therefore she sues

James HJames H . PeckAtto & next friend