Pelage vs. John P. Cabanne
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The StateMissouri ofMissouri MissouriMissouri CountyCounty of S Louis ofCounty of S Louis S LouisCounty of S Louis Ss

To the Sheriff of said County Greeting

We command you to summon JohnJohn P Cabanne P CabanneJohn P Cabanne that he be
and appear before the Judge of our CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court at the next Term thereof
to be held at the Town of S LouisS Louis within and for the County ofCounty of S Louis S LouisCounty of S Louis on
the first monday of June next then and there to answer unto Pelagie an
infant under thte age of twenty one years and a person of colour by her next
friend JamesJames Pecks of a plea ofTrespass to the damage of the said
plaintiff of five Thousand - and have you then there this writ

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Witness Archibald GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk of our said County at
office this Twenty sixth day of February 1822

Archibald GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk

by E Baker Dept. Clerk