John P. Cabanne and Antoine Chenier, merchants trading under the firm name of Cabanne and Chenier vs. Amable Steine, Executor for the Estate of Louis Beaudoin
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In the SuperiorSuperior Court court
Northern Circuit

The United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica to LouisLouis Beaudoin
BeaudoinLouis Beaudoin his attornies councellorssolicitors or
Agents and to the Sheriff of the County of StCounty of St Louis
LouisCounty of St Louis Greetings-

Whereon It hath been represented to our Judge of our Superior CourtSuperior Court of our Territory
of MissouriMissourisitting as a Court of Chancery in and for the Northern Circuit on
the part of JohnJohn P Cabanne PJohn P Cabanne CabanneJohn P Cabanne andAntoineAntoine Chenier ChenierAntoine Chenier complaining against
You the said LouisLouis Beaudoin BeaudoinLouis Beaudoin Defendant that sometime in the month of October
of the Year eighteen hundred and fifteen the Said complainants entered into
a contract with You the said defendant to go as a clerk or trader
in the Service of said complainants up the MissouriMissouriRiver and its tributary
waters on a trading voyage and delivered to You a considerable quantity
of merchandise to the value of four thousand five hundred and thirty eight
dollars twenty Seven cents, and for your Services on the Said Voyage
agreed to pay You the Sum of three hundred dollars, You agreeing on
Your part to trade and barter the said goods with the Indians on
the MissouriMissouri and itswaters and to bestowdue care, diligence and
attention upon the conducting of the Said business- That pursuant thereto
you proceeded up the MissouriMissouri in charge of the Said goods, but in trading
with the Indians and conducting the businessentrusted to you So grossly
misconducted yourself by being frequently intoxicated, by quarelling with
and driving away the Indiansprofessing to trade with You by Sometime
refusing to trade with them, by trading the Said goods at improper Season
and by Selling to other traders the articles most in demand among
the Inidans, and which were necessary to securea market for
the remainder and by other neglects and mismanagement that the whole
returns of the Said Voyage amounted to no more than two thousand
and two dollars, less than one half of the out fits- That in consequence
of such mismanagement or malconduct the complainantsconceived
themselves justified in refusing and did actuallyrefuse to pay to you
the Said Louis, the wages agreed upon for Your Services as aforesaid-
that when such refusal You the Said LouisLouis Beaudoin BeaudoinLouis Beaudoin commenced a suit

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against the Said complainants in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis
for the recovery of the Said Wages- That when the trial of the Said Wages
the complainants attempted to defend themselves from the payment of the
Said Wages by showing Your Misconduct and negligence as a failure
to perform Their part of the Said contract but written attempt were
over ruled by the court which decided that as you the Said Louis had in
Some measure performed Your Contract by proceeding on the Voyage
the complainants Could not give in evidence You Negligence and â
unfaithfulness as a defense against Your demand for wages, but
that their only remedy was by an action whom the contract against you
that a Judgement was therefore rendered against them by the Said court
for the Said Sum of three hundred dollars, on which Judgement an
execution has been issued and lodged with the Sheriff of St LouisSt Louis county
who is about proceeding to levy and collect the Same Therefore It was
prayed that they might have an injunction for stay of yours the
defendants proceedings at law, until the hearing of the same- We therefore
in consideration of the promises aforesaid do strictlyenjoin and command you
the Said LouisLouis Beaudoin BeaudoinLouis Beaudoin Your councellorsattorniessolicitors or agents that
You and each of you desist from taking execution against the Said complainants
whom the Judgment aforesaid, So as aforesaidrendered against them
and you the said sheriff if the execution aforesaid be actually lodged with
You, that youdesist from serving or levying or collecting the Same from
the Said complainants until the hearing of this case by our Said
SuperiorSuperior Court court sitting as a court of chancery as aforesaid-

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Witness The Honourable Silas BentSilas Bent Esquire
Residing Judge of our Said Court at St LouisSt Louis this
twenty fifth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen and
of our Independence the forty fourth

J.VJ V Garnier . GarnierJ V Garnier clk S.C.N.C