John P. Cabanne and Antoine Chenier, merchants trading under the firm name of Cabanne and Chenier vs. Amable Steine, Executor for the Estate of Louis Beaudoin
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the Indians then commenced an attack upon
the store, and attempted to break it open
and they actually did get in, and break up a small
keg of whiskey - and yet this Defendant is found fault with for offering them.
As to trading the goods at improper seasons
he may have doneso, tho he is not sensible
of it He was always governed in his trade
by his best judgment - But as to his selling
any of the goods to other traders it is untrue
in fact - As to the returns of the said voyage
amounting to no more than two thousand and
ten dollars, this defendant is unable to say; as all
the papers relating to the said voyage weregiven
up to the said Complainants upon his return
But this he can state that only part of the
goods probably about one half weretraded by him - that his brother
traded a considerable part - and further that
a part of the said goods werestolen from
the said Joseph BeaudoinJoseph Beaudoin by the Otos at the
time this Dependant was with the PanisPanis
consisting of kniveshandkerchiefs, vermillion
and about 2 hundred pounds, of balls - this
Defendant neverembezzled any of the said
goods - but traded all that came to his possession
to the best advantage hecould; or returned
them to the said complainant together with
the avails of those her sold -

This Dependant is not much indebited: nor is
he insolvent - he is fully able to pay all debts that
he owes - and heis as willing to pay them,
as the Complainants are there, - and hehopes or
eithermore so - He denies that the said Complainants
have any cause of action against him

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But even if they had, he believes that they
would not find half the difficulty in collecting
a judgment against him. - that he has
found in getting his honest dues from them -
He feels himself able to pay $5.00 above all
his just debts - without that, there is any
other matter as thing material or necessary
for this Defendant to make answer unto
and not herein of hereby will & sufficient
by answered unto confessed or avoided - traversed
or denied, is true - Whereforehe prays that
the injunction granted in this case may be
dissolved and that he may have his
reasonable costs & charges in this behalf
most wrongfully sustained as judged to him

Louis his mark