John P. Cabanne and Antoine Chenier, merchants trading under the firm name of Cabanne and Chenier vs. Amable Steine, Executor for the Estate of Louis Beaudoin
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proceeded up the MissouriMissouri in charge of the said
goods, but in trading with the indians and
in conducting the businessentrusted to him
so grossly misconducted himself, by being
frequently intoxicated; by quarrelling with
and driving away the indians professing to
trade with him, by sometimes refusing to
trade with them, by trading the said goods.
at improper seasons and by selling to other
traders the articles most in demand among
the indians and which were necessary to
secure a market for the remainder and
by other neglect and mis-management
that the whole returns of the said voyage
amounted to no more than two thousand
and ten dollars / a copy of the account
of articles returned is herewith filed as
anexhibit marked "A", which your orator
pray may be taken as a part of their
and referred to when there shall be
occasion/ less than one half of the outfit
That in consequence of the facts stated
of unfaithfulness and mis-management
your oratorsconceived themselves Justified
in refusing and did refuse to pay to
the said LouisLouis Beaudoin BeaudoinLouis Beaudoin the wages which
they had agreed to pay him for his
services as aforesaid; upon which refusal
the said LouisLouis Beaudoin BeaudoinLouis Beaudoin commenced a
suit against your orators in the CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court for the County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis, for the
recovery of the said wages; that upon the

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